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Professional Photo Services

Photo Scanning

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Order Photo Scanning Now with ROES

Scanning services are ideal for photographers who prefer film capture but need the flexibility of digital images. Lab Apollo can scan film negatives or nearly any piece of flat art including photographs, transparencies or mounted slides in sizes from 35 mm to 12" × 16".

Photographic Scanning

  • We scan cut negatives and long-roll film.
  • All individual negatives MUST be mounted on Lab Apollo crop cards. Use A through G for rectangular and BB to EE for squares. Uncarded negatives will incur a fee of $1 per negative and require an additional service day.
  • Available in resolutions up to 3200 dpi.
  • Scans will be returned in JPEG format.
  • Scans are made full-frame unless otherwise specified.
  • All scanned imaged are burned to a CD, which is included in the price.
  • Pricing includes standard dust spotting but does not include excessive file cleanup for textures, scratches, flaws or other damage to original reflective art or negative/transparency. See retouching for additional charges.
  • Glass negatives or atypical film types that do not fit in our crop card will be charged as a reflective art and large-format film scan.
Negatives can be scanned to CDs.
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